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In the realm of musical expression, the language of the heart resonates profoundly. Under the mentorship of Dennis Deng, students undergo systematic training, employing the optimal methods to reach elevated levels of musical mastery fuelled by motivation and inspiration.

Within this immersive learning experience, emphasis is placed on cultivating not only technical proficiency but also a genuine passion for music. Dennis Deng, as a dedicated guide, ensures that students derive pleasure from the process, fostering a deep connection to music that transcends mere skill acquisition.

The curriculum extends beyond the realm of notes and scales; it becomes a conduit for nurturing creativity. Students, inspired by the enchanting world of music, find their imaginative faculties kindled, allowing for the blossoming of expression, temperament, and refined taste. As the students delve into the intricacies of brass instruments, they not only develop technical prowess but also cultivate a comprehensive understanding of practical skills and the importance of teamwork.

Dennis Deng’s mentorship transforms instrumental learning into a dynamic and fulfilling expedition that goes beyond the technicalities, fostering a lifelong love for music.


Mr. Deng is a great approach of trumpet teacher.  My daughter learned from beginner to AMEB 5th totally in 3 years, and she has got achievement of AMEB exam with the A grade.  We love how the teacher recognized the issue with her, and how prepared to work through any challenges.  I believe there is no greater gift we can give another than to know we trust Mr. Deng enough to be reliable with him.

Tim Z

Ben has really benefited from your broad approach for his trumpet playing. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have taught and done for my son.  You are very passionate about what you do and Ben feels that he has progressed in his trumpet skills because of that passion, which was an inspiration

Alex S

Learning trumpet with Dennis has been the most satisfying experience. Dennis’ technical ability, combined with his knowledge and understanding in other areas of teaching has inspired a passion for learning, playing and experiencing music in ways that I have not experienced before.

Fred K

Students Album

Dennis Deng’s Students

Album Blatt A. Grazunov
Hummel Trumpet Concert Eb Major
Andante & Allegro J. G. Ropartz
Glen Eden C. Storm
Teaching at Studio


Student's Achievements

  • The Special Winner of 38th of Monash Music Eisteddfod

  • The 3rd Prize of 33th Waverley Music Eisteddfod

Dennis Deng’s musical journey commenced under the tutelage of Professor Qi-Dong ZHU at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, leading to his role as a trumpet player in the Orchestra of Jiangsu Province in 1980. Furthering his education, he studied with Professor Pan Hong at Nanjing Arts College and later pursued advanced studies under Professor Kenji Tamya at the Music School of Toho University in Japan in 1990. This diverse educational background has shaped Dennis Deng into a seasoned and accomplished musician, showcasing his dedication to continuous growth and excellence in the field of music.

– Dennis Deng

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小号吹奏  – 舌头的功能以及不同的运用

小号吹奏  – 舌头的功能以及不同的运用

舌尖吹奏法 是我们最常用。它的位置应该是在上门牙后,且根据音域上行或下行时,舌尖对上门牙后的位置,和舌头的位置略有向上或下,和向前都有必要的调整

Trumpet Skills

Trumpet Skills

Students should learn how to make lips compression – lips pucker (or image lips a little bit forward), especially…



铜管吹奏, 特别是小号(或铜管高音乐器)可以试试用嘴唇压缩,特别是上行音域时,而不是嘴唇张力以及过分的号咀压力