Trumpet Families

1. Bb Trumpet

The Bb trumpet is widely recognised as the predominant instrument in concert, wind, stage, jazz, and orchestral settings due to its exceptional balance within brass ensembles. Renowned for its commendable tonal characteristics and versatility, it is considered an exemplary horn in the musical realm.

2. C Trumpet

The C trumpet holds vital significance in symphony orchestras and chamber music because of its brighter timbre compared to the Bb trumpet, fostering harmonious collaboration with wind and string instruments. The C trumpet solo with Orchestra is well known as “Picture Exhibition” by Mussorgsky.

Trumpet Excerpt: Pictures At An Exhibition – Promenade – Sheet Music – YouTube , Mahler Symphony No.5, 1st Mvt. World Orchestra for Peace – Valery Gergiev Proms 2010 – YouTube

3. Eb/D Trumpet

The Eb/D trumpet is convertible trumpet, brighter than the C trumpet, is commonly applied for Classic and Baroque time’s works. Notably featured in renowned trumpet concertos such as Haydn’s Eb major, its distinctive tonal qualities make it a preferred choice for works from these historical periods.

4. Bb Cornet

The Bb Cornet typically assumes a primary role in brass bands, providing melodic elements. Distinguished by a softer sound compared to the Bb trumpet, both instruments share a similar pipe length. The key disparity lies in the conical shape of the Bb Cornet, with approximately 90% being conical and 10% straight, while the Bb trumpet maintains a 50-50 conical to cylindrical ratio relative to the Cornet.

Ole Edvard Antonsen – Napoli – YouTube

5. Rotary Trumpet

The rotary trumpet is available in various keys, including Bb, C, and D. Focusing on the Bb Rotary Trumpet, it produces a softer sound compared to piston trumpets and offers smooth transitions to French horn and trombone timbres.

Claudio Roditi | Trumpet Solo (So Danco Samba) – YouTube

6. Bb Flugelhorn

The Bb Flugelhorn, often employed in brass bands, exhibits a deeper and softer tonality than the cornet, sharing some acoustic characteristics with the French horn. For a demonstration of the Flugelhorn’s qualities, please refer to the Flugelhorn Duet.

Sergei Nakariakov & Kirill Soldatov J.Haydn Double Horn Concerto Es Dur (arr. for 2 flugelhorns) – YouTube

7. Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

The Bb/A Piccolo trumpet is an essential instrument in Baroque music. Recognised for its 8- octave higher pitch compared to a standard trumpet, it is occasionally referred to as a soprano trumpet.

T. Albinoni: Concerto Saint Marc – Roderick MacDonald, Martin Stephan – YouTube

8. Bb Rotary Cornet

Bb rotary cornet, same as piston cornet but it is a little softer than normal cornet.

9. Pocket Trumpet

One of typical Lists for students’ AMEB 7th exam (refer only)

D. Orchestral Excerpts
E. 2 own choice works

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铜管吹奏, 特别是小号(或铜管高音乐器)可以试试用嘴唇压缩,特别是上行音域时,而不是嘴唇张力以及过分的号咀压力

小号吹奏  – 舌头的功能以及不同的运用

小号吹奏  – 舌头的功能以及不同的运用

舌尖吹奏法 是我们最常用。它的位置应该是在上门牙后,且根据音域上行或下行时,舌尖对上门牙后的位置,和舌头的位置略有向上或下,和向前都有必要的调整

Trumpet Skills

Trumpet Skills

Students should learn how to make lips compression – lips pucker (or image lips a little bit forward), especially…