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Dennis Deng

Dennis Deng’s musical journey commenced under the tutelage of Professor Qi-Dong ZHU at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, leading to his role as a trumpet player in the Orchestra of Jiangsu Province in 1980. Furthering his education, he studied with Professor Pan Hong at Nanjing Arts College and later pursued advanced studies under Professor Kenji Tamya at the Music School of Toho University in Japan in 1990. This diverse educational background has shaped Dennis Deng into a seasoned and accomplished musician, showcasing his dedication to continuous growth and excellence in the field of music.

Zhu Qi-Dong Prof. of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Chicago Uni. Bachelor; American Uni. Master; Northwest Uni Ph.D.

Hong Pan Prof. of Nanjing College of Arts. Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Bachelor, Vienna Conservatory of Music, Master

Kenji Tamiya Prof. Music School of Toho University. Bachelor from Toho, Master from the Western Berlin Academy Conservatory of Music

Research project

the psychological confidence of Brass playing

Music School of MU and Victoria College of the Arts

Literatures of Translation

Completed Trumpet Course

Literatures of Translation

Completed Trumpet Course


The proper breath for beginning brass

Careers and Social Works



• Principal Trumpet of Whitehorse Orchestra

• Principal Solo Cornet of Stonington Brass

• Victoria Music Teachers Association

• International Trumpet Association

• Instructor of Box Hill Music



• Principal performer of the State Symphony Orchestra of JSP

• First player of JSP Brass Quintet

• Instructor of JSP Brass Training Band

• Member of directors of JSP Wind Association

• Member of JSP Musician of China Association

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小号吹奏  – 舌头的功能以及不同的运用

小号吹奏  – 舌头的功能以及不同的运用

舌尖吹奏法 是我们最常用。它的位置应该是在上门牙后,且根据音域上行或下行时,舌尖对上门牙后的位置,和舌头的位置略有向上或下,和向前都有必要的调整



铜管吹奏, 特别是小号(或铜管高音乐器)可以试试用嘴唇压缩,特别是上行音域时,而不是嘴唇张力以及过分的号咀压力

Trumpet Skills

Trumpet Skills

Students should learn how to make lips compression – lips pucker (or image lips a little bit forward), especially…